3 Vape Juice Flavors To Think About After Working Out – Vaping Post Workout To Better Health


It may seem counter intuitive that after a hard AB workout it would be smart to sit down to a vape pen or dab pen session but as times change so to should our thinking on the subject. Smoking and exercise historically have not gone hand and hand but with the advent of nicotine and tobacco free vaping this trend might be turning. Putting your body through rigorous workouts can be at times stressful both physically and mentally and this is really where the benefits of a vaporizer pen or a wax pen can come into play. Smoking organic and natural herbs and vape juices are now proving to be a lot healthier and safer then we would could have ever imagined. Now we are looking beyond the minor and small harmful side effects and rather looking at the grand benefits these types of devices can bring. When the body is soar and broken down from lets say a hard stomach workout using the AbCircle there may be a few vaping techniques and vape juices we can turn to help ourselves recovery and get back to further training and conditioning. While vaping is obviously a super fun hobby and pastime in this instance we want to use it for more then that. Lets take a look at three of our favorite vape flavors and juices that help us stay motivated to continue working out our bodies and some of the reasons behind our thought processes.


Top Vape Juice Flavor To Use Post Workout Number One: Pure Organic Vapors E-Liquid


We love to fill our best vape pen with pure organic vapors e-liquids because we know we are getting a natural and non-GMO, USP vegetable glycerin experience that asserts very little negative impact on the body. We really vaping organic as its a great reminder to add more organic products into all aspects of our lives. Sitting down to an organic vape juice after a long workout and pondering how to better treat the environment and your body only seems like a win, win to us. It has done wonders for our mentality and approach to life.


Top Vape Juice Flavor To Use Post Workout Number Two: Raging Donut E-Liquid


We all know detrimental a sweet tooth can be to a workout routine which is why we avoid sweets all together by simply indulging in the many sweet tasting e-liquids and flavors that are currently on the market. While one of our favorites is the Raging Donut brand almost every imaginable combination of desserts and sweets exist in the vape liquid market. Its like having a treat after a tough workout without having to worry about all the extra pounds, calories and negative health benefits normal sweets come with. Avoid the temptation of junk food by vaping. We do and our body and future workouts thanks us.


Top Vape Juice Flavor To Use Post Workout Number Three: Five Pawns E-Liquid


This selection was made because Five Pawns is one of the premiere and most expensive vape juices on the market and we feel after a long workout sometimes you deserve to treat yourself. There are some days its just difficult to get excited for a hard workout but we have found when there is a favorite reward at the end then it is much easier to get up for the challenge. Five Pawns is that rare vape treat that does just that for us. If you are looking to add a new element into your daily exercise routine vaping just might be the interesting twist you need.