The 7 Best AB Exercises – Your Ticket To Washboard Abs and A Flatter Stomach


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One of the most fantastic parts about Ab workouts is that not only is there a great variety to choose from but also the fact that intense exercise routines that show results take very little time. We always encourage everyone to try out our Ab system for the ultimate in training but we also want our clients and customers to check out other Ab exercise programs as well not only for comparison but also to keep the routine fresh and the body motivated. The body needs to move in many different ways to perform optimally and we thought this 7 best Ab exercise video is a great example of just how versatile and different Ab workout routines can be. Lets take a look at the 7 Ab exercises to get a better understanding of just what other Ab programs and systems have to offer.


Washboard AB Exercise #1: Plank and Side Plank


Resting on your forearms and elbows and toes/feet while either on your side or completely straightened out you are holding the position to strengthen the middle section. Remember Ab workouts our meant to be fun in the same planking was as it found modern culture outside of exercise.


Washboard AB Exercise #2: Heel Touches


Laying on your back you essential go back and worth with each hand touching your heels. Remember the key is to be comfortable and controlled through each movement.


Washboard AB Exercise #3: Single Knee Raise Crunch


Laying on your back you bring your elbows to your knees by crossing over your body. Remember your doing each exercise for only 30 seconds each so you want to remain focused and really give it your all.


Washboard AB Exercise #4: Reach Throughs


From your back again you want to lift up and do a crunch while putting your hands through the middle of your legs. Remember always take your time to do each exercise correctly. Form goes along way when it comes to fitness.


Washboard AB Exercise #5: Wide Toe Touches


With your legs straight up in the air try to touch your toes with your hands in a crunch like motion. Remember you may not be that flexible or fit to start but with practice and dedication you will be able to push yourself further and further.


Washboard AB Exercise #6: Starfish Crunches


Layout like a a star fish and touch your opposite hand to its opposite foot. Remember the more variety of movement and approach you add to your exercise routines the easier it is to stay motivated and inspired.


Washboard AB Exercise #7: Windmills


Lay on your back and put your legs together and up in the air straight and then gently lay your legs down from side to side. Remember results do not come right away but with enough hard work you will notice the progression sooner then you think.


Have a favorite Ab exercise or workout routine you like to do at the gym or at home? Drop us a line as we would love to hear about it! What creative new ways have you found to use your Ab Circle Pro®?